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Ever since her graduation and Ph.D. at the Università Cattolica in Milan, Italy, Federica has been a passionate student and advocate of holistic health, natural medicine, and anything that can improve her health and that of those around her.

She has set this site up to share knowledge of postural alignment and back pain.

She is also a qualified Shiatsu practitioner and Wat Pho trained Traditional Thai Massage practitioner.


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1 month ago

I’m a Mother to 4 children and a primary school teacher and as a result of both combined I had a long history of back problems. I had been many times to see physiotherapists and chiropractitioners without success. I was told that I would have to wear a shoe orthotic as I had one leg longer than the other and that was the cause of my pain. However, on my first visit to Milan, Federica could see from my walking posture that I had an alignment issue. She manipulated my back gently and painlessly and explained that it wasn’t my legs that were mismatched, but that my hip had needed re-aligning. This she did to remarkable effect. My legs matched up lengthwise, and when I stood up I felt so light and a great discomfort had been lifted. Since then, she has checked my alignment at intervals to keep my posture in check and although I am now retired I continue to carry my grandchildren around, sitting them on my hip, I do hours of gardening, miles of walking, cycling and decorating. Through all this I never have a twinge of backache. I am so very very grateful to Federica for her wonderful treatment. Furthermore, I asked her to have a look at my Mum’s back. My Mum had been a caretaker of a school and had retired on health grounds because of her back problems. She had been on traction in hospital several times in very severe pain. After treatment from Federica she too has been pain free since. So you can see why I am so happy to recommend Posture Perfect. Elaine Fitzpatrick

2 months ago

Fede sorted my back issues a few years ago - never had an issue since. I'd highly recommend!!

2 months ago

Having suffered sharp pains down the back of my right leg when practising sport for years, they cleared up after my first ever rebalancing. I have follow-up treatments every 6 months to keep me balanced. I don’t know what I would do without Fede.

2 months ago

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